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Gotas de agua is a non governmental non-profit association that was founded on November 24th, 2010 in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Our vision is to achieve social justice in selected Latin American countries through education and by helping people help themselves.

We implement projects that provide high-quality education, skills and knowledge and that as well as promote justice, responsibility, tolerance, and respect. Our goal is to prepare young people to make the most of future opportunities and to develop their skills sustainably.

The Spanish name “Gotas de agua” means drops of water. Symbolically, it represents our association’s work: we carry out projects on grounds that we know are fertile. What is missing is the right irrigation. A single drop of water may vanish, and too much moisture may drown a plant. It is our task to give the right amount of water in the appropriate place so that a project can thrive and sustainably bring forth new fruits. Our role therefore is not to freely distribute the fruits, but to prepare an environment in which they can replenish and thrive without us; to be harvested again and again in the long run.

The President of Gotas de agua, Dorothee Raas, has visited Peru several times since 1999. In November 2010, the association’s foundation month, she began working full time in the outskirts of Lima, Peru’s capital city.

The association’s work in Switzerland during its first year of existence was raising money for the Christmas festivities and for the current project Gotas de agua – Raucana. In August 2011, Dorothee was asked by Raucana’s board of directors to lead this project in the name of Gotas de agua. This was agreed upon during the association’s Annual General Meeting on November 19th, 2011.

On February 24th, 2012, Gotas de agua – Sucursal Lima, Perú was officially registered in Peru as a branch of the Swiss association. The branch works locally within the framework of the Swiss association.

Currently, the branch carries out the project Gotas de agua – Raucana for children and young adults in the community of Raucana, in the district of Ate Vitarte in Lima, and organizes annual Christmas parties for nearly 1,000 children in the most desolate parts of Peru. Read more about this in the “Projects” section.

In order to conduct our projects, we depend on your donations. Please help us by clicking on “Donations”.



In Switzerland:

Gotas de agua
Kammelenbergstrasse 25
9011 St. Gallen


Tel.: 0041 71 223 76 62
Fax: 0041 71 223 76 88

In Peru:

Gotas de agua – Sucursal Lima, Perú
Calle María Parado de Bellido 305
La Molina
Lima, Perú


Tel.: 0051 1 647 40 58
Mobil: 0051 99 225 25 75


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